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Hear the world in full colour.

Budds adapt the sounds around you that you didn't even realise you were missing, keeping you socially sharp, attentive, and aware.

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Personalised real-word hearing.


Immersive music and calls.


Active Noise Cancellation.

Experience life tuned to your hearing profile.

Your hearing profile represents your sensitivity to different high and low sound frequencies. Budds use this to adapt complex sounds like speech so they are crisper than ever.

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Like a finger print,

your hearing profile

is unique.

Tuned to you.
Tuned by you.

Use our app to measure your personal hearing profile and tune your hearing experience for your Budds in minutes.

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Whatever the place.

Tune your environment to you. Don’t let background noise stop you from connecting with the people that matter.

A revolution in personal sound is coming.

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Top of your game.

Catch the words that others miss. Don’t let bad acoustic settings stop the great communicator in you.

Enhance the sound around you.

Outward-facing microphones detect external sounds. Budds use your personal hearing profile to adapt the sound and make everything you hear crisp and clear.

Listen in and focus.

Bluetooth connected with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), focus on music and take calls without the distraction of background noise.

Help build Budds.

Want to help build Budds by testing our ideas and giving us feedback on our designs? Join the gang!

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Wear them loud.

Wear them all day or when you want - they’ll be a part of you that shows you’re connected.

Tech specs

Bluetooth LE
Studio quality speaker driver
Rechargeable, wireless case
Touch interface
Up to
Enhanced hearing
Up to
Music listening

Join the revolution.

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